A computer chair is way more important that you think!

The computer chair is a valuable item to people who work sitting, at a desk, in front of their laptops. If you do not have such a job, you may wonder, why is a chair that important? Well, the answer is simple: have you ever tried sitting long hours? You will soon feel that it is hard and uncomfortable. Not only, it poses risks to our health.

It is conceptually wrong to believe that an office work causes no physical damage to a person. Certainly, the risks are inferior compared to those that the life of a builder, carpenter or pilot involve. Still, we can ruin our lives if we do not take care of ourselves. By that I mean you can underestimate the chair you sit on every day.

We are not meant as sedentary creatures and our muscles are designed for a certain amount of daily physical activity. The fact that in many of our societies (Occidental, at least) we have a problem with obesity, should have us think! It is not okay, it is not “normal” for our body to have to deal with extra weight, and in fact when our body weight is not optimal, we incur in increased risks of serious diseases. Similarly, when we sit too much (and this is not necessarily  only a work-related issue) we are not using our muscles properly so that they end up losing their tone; we do not help our blood circulation, resulting in risks of cardiovascular problems; we are not keeping a correct posture, which will cause serious back, shoulder and neck problems; we are not considering that our lungs suffer because we do not let them work fully.

This is why a good computer chair is needed. The computer chair is thought exactly for people that can’t move enough, due to their jobs: it is designed so that it offers a very comfortable seat for long periods and it ensures that all our body rests nicely. It is adjustable, as well, so that no matter our height, we can always sit in the correct position.

It may not be necessary to say this, but a computer chair is not a substitute of walking, jogging, or even simply standing up and stretching every now and then. And, of course, it is best to try and move around regularly during our day at the office. Yet, the computer chair is a great help to ensure we stay away from some health issues that would otherwise trouble our life!