How to prevent lost and found at festivals

Concerts and festivals are all about enjoying yourself and the music but as all avid festival-goers know, safety and security are crucial to making sure your festival experience ends up being a good one. There are plenty of important tips and tricks which cover personal safety but today we want to focus on Tips to ensure the safety of your belongings.

It’s important to pack lightly when going to a music festival. But that does not mean most people don’t take their valuables there. Many phones, tablets, cameras and other valuables frequently get lost in festivals and while organizers try to take precautionary measures often it’s up to the festival-goers to ensure the safety of their belongings.

Most festivals have a lost and found area however these aren’t very effective. Unfortunately, theft is common and people with malicious intent can try to steal valuable items from the lost and found. If the item you lost is a Wallet or an ID card, it would be easy enough to prove that it’s yours, however, if you lose electronics especially and those electronics run out of battery, it may be difficult to prove that they belong to you. People in lost and found areas typically try to validate that an item belongs to the person who is claiming it by asking them simple questions about the phone case, the background, or any other identifiable properties, however, these aren’t always present in everyday electronics. This puts you at risk of getting your valuable electronics claimed by someone else.

One great way of avoiding the risk of your valuables getting claimed by someone else at a lost and found is to place identifying labels on them.  But, a simple sticker with your name on it may not do the trick. This is where return ID tags come in. We offer custom labels for all of our customers for many items that they want.  This way not only do you get to prove that the items you value actually belong to you, but you also get an opportunity to skip the hassle of going through lost and found altogether.

With our Custom labels and worldwide service, anyone who finds your valuables will see the sticker on the back and can get directly in touch with our expert call center team. This way you can rest easy knowing your valuables will be sent back to you and you will be able to enjoy the festival without spending hours weeding through lost and found booths.


Have you ever found a lost item and not known what to do with it? Whether it be on public transportation, in class, at an office, or in a park, if we come across a lost item, our first instinct is to be a good samaritan and return it to its owner. If we are lucky, the owner is only a few steps away and we can safely return the item. In other cases, however, we might be lost as to what to do…. 

Some universities and major parks have lost and found sections if they are organizing the festival or concert, but if you’re on moving subway cart, it will be very difficult to a certain where you should return the lost item. This is why many people post on social media to try to find the owner of the item. But that is also like finding a needle in a haystack and it is a lot of effort for you. This is one of the many reasons lost and found ID tags make your life easier.

The best thing I lost and found in my life

People say that to be happy you need health, family, friends, a nice house, enough money to get by and to enjoy a holiday every now and then, a job that keeps you satisfied and challenged.

I agree to all of the above. There is one thing, though, which we cannot avoid but have if we genuinely want to be happy: being happy with ourselves. As long as we keep trying to be different, are jealous or what others have that we do not, or simply avoid thinking that we are not pleased with ourselves… we will not be happy with our friends, family, jobs, houses. All these things will help us go through the day, and sometimes make us honestly happy, but for happiness to be always at reach we really need to accept who we are.

I used to be a person constantly trying to be different, I thought I was just trying to be better, for me and for the others. I came to realise and accept I was just unhappy of myself. And the day I realised it, I felt so sad: how can I not like myself? How am I supposed to live with myself if I do not like who I am? It turns out, luckily for me, that I am not alone in this since most people feel the same. Knowing this I lost and found the right way for me to achieve acceptance: meditation worked wonders and since I do that regularly, I am just a happier person. The best thing I lost and found in life, is me!